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2020-10 Investment Strategy Review

This isn't an outright full blog post. It's just an update to mention that I am reconsidering my investment strategy. BTC has had the good courtesy to remain relatively flat for some time. It has been in the $10K range despite the political

Book Review: Income for Life - The Retiree’s Guide to Creating Income From Savings

Book Review: Income for Life - The Retiree’s Guide to Creating Income From Savings Joseph DiSalvo and Marie Madarasz Income For Life AMA and Changes To Card Tiers

Yesterday morning, CEO Kris Marszalek held a live AMA on Twitter to anser about 30 pre-submitted questions from users of the service. In the AMA, Marszalek addressed questions about yesterday's surprise token swap and other matter Announces Token Swap For MCO

Last night, announced the MCO Swap Program. The program will swap out all MCO tokens for a preset amount of CRO tokens, roughly 27 CRO per MCO. In addition, Cr

Regaining Writing Focus

Earlier today, I worked on setting up individual websites for my Hive accounts. It was quite the undertaking. One of the challenges of using Hive platforms is that they aggregate the posts of thousands of people. It is difficult to stand out

We Can Track HIVE on

With the recent discovery that Hive is now available for tracking on Coinbase, I searched the app for Hive. We are listed on there as well. Neither plat

Crypto and Fiat May Be Intertwined

This post is not written in an overly serious capacity. I am thinking things through as I am writing this. So, you can expect some half-baked ideas. These thoughts relate to the sudden softening the government is having towards crypto. As yo

We Can Track Hive on Coinbase

Now we can finally track HIVE on Coinbase. For the longest time, we

What-Iffing Retirement and Hive

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My Most Shitty Investment:

Banks Will Directly Compete Against Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrencies Have Competition

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