Book Review: 2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide

I just finished reading 2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide by A. Sam and Koosha Azim. The book delves into the details of stablecoins and gives some strategies on how to use them in your portfolio. 

Image by Perfecto_Capucine from Pixabay

The book starts out by explaining why stablecoins were created and starts pointing out some of the challenges of creating a stablecoin. From there, you progress to learn about the different types of stablecoins. Yes, they all try to maintain a value pegged to the dollar. However, how they achieve that can be simple or very technical. The book gives an overview of each type of stablecoin and how they are able to maintain their peg. 

Towards the end of the book, you can expect to read about some simple strategies for using stablecoins in your crypto trading to hedge against loss and even to lock in profits. 

Prior to reading 2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide, I had watched an interview with A. Sam. She started off the guide as a blog post that just kept getting longer. You can expect the book to read like a blog post. I give it four out of five stars because it could have used a little more polish. As far as the content is concerned, I would give it 5 stars. I would definitely go back and use the book as a reference. Not only are there charts to summarize the different stablecoins of each category, there are also links to the sources of information if you want to delve further into the weeds on stablecoins. 

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