Make Your Own NFTs on in Beta

With the soaring popularity of the NFT market, has revamped their platform to turn each post into an NFT. The platform, which is still in Beta, originally provided users with a daily basic income that users had to claim daily, or w

Simplifying Hive Bookkeeping

Taxes are always a concern here at TravelWriteMoney when it comes to crypto. It is not so much paying the taxes. After all, if you are paying taxes, it is because you are earning money. We think we are much better off making money. Therefore

I Am No Longer Core Number Compounding

A few weeks back, I stumbled upon a method of generating cash from holding a crypto position. I have decided to stop Core Number Compounding for now. You can read more about it in previous posts. The method works well when there is market mo

How Would An Extra $250 Per Month Improve Your Life?

A few years ago, I joined a multi-level marketing organization that focused on mobile phone service. They had competitive rate plans. You could earn monthly income from referring others to subscribe to the service. One of their messages was

A Look at the CEL Token

With a preference for dollar cost averaging, I have been looking for an alternative crypto to purchase. One token that has my attention is the Celsius token, CEL, which is an ERC-20 token. Celsius uses the utility token to power the economic

I Am Still Long On Hive

Seeing the price of Hive take a beating can be a bit sad when seen in some perspectives. On my part, I have not been posting as much because of time constraints. The consequence of this is that I am not earning as much Hive or LEO as I could

Why Hodling Is The Best Crypto Strategy

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to cryptocurrencies. I've dabbled in them since around 2017. I mostly bought into thinking of crypto as a new form of money. So, I would buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum with the intent of using them to buy

2020-10 Investment Strategy Review

This isn't an outright full blog post. It's just an update to mention that I am reconsidering my investment strategy. BTC has had the good courtesy to remain relatively flat for some time. It has been in the $10K range despite the political

Book Review: Income for Life - The Retiree’s Guide to Creating Income From Savings

Book Review: Income for Life - The Retiree’s Guide to Creating Income From Savings Joseph DiSalvo and Marie Madarasz Income For Life AMA and Changes To Card Tiers

Yesterday morning, CEO Kris Marszalek held a live AMA on Twitter to anser about 30 pre-submitted questions from users of the service. In the AMA, Marszalek addressed questions about yesterday's surprise token swap and other matter Announces Token Swap For MCO

Last night, announced the MCO Swap Program. The program will swap out all MCO tokens for a preset amount of CRO tokens, roughly 27 CRO per MCO. In addition, Cr

We Can Track HIVE on

With the recent discovery that Hive is now available for tracking on Coinbase, I searched the app for Hive. We are listed on there as well. Neither plat