Make Your Own NFTs on Voice.com in Beta

With the soaring popularity of the NFT market, Voice.com has revamped their platform to turn each post into an NFT. The platform, which is still in Beta, originally provided users with a daily basic income that users had to claim daily, or w

Keto Journal 2021-08-24

I posted yesterday about the salad in the Featured Image. It was partially a test of how easy it is to post to my @Engrave blog from my phone. It is manageable. However, I now realize that I was wrong

Waiting for life to start

Waiting for life to start

Fast Food Keto Options

One of the challenges of the Keto diet is finding food that is satisfying and within the keto requirements while you are on the go. Normally, I would eat some celery, cottage cheese, olives, or sardines at work where I keep a supply of thes

Announcing the Texas Hive Community

"Write what you know." This is often the advice given to aspiring writers. This advice helps the writer choose what to write about with the least amount of friction. It also helps to be more certain and authoritative about the writing

I Am Still Long On Hive

Seeing the price of Hive take a beating can be a bit sad when seen in some perspectives. On my part, I have not been posting as much because of time constraints. The consequence of this is that I am not earning as much Hive or LEO as I could

2020-10 Investment Strategy Review

This isn't an outright full blog post. It's just an update to mention that I am reconsidering my investment strategy. BTC has had the good courtesy to remain relatively flat for some time. It has been in the $10K range despite the political

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Tonight we finish packing for our summer #roadtrip. Last details at work tomorrow before departure. Almost a week on the road, not including resort stay.

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