Fighting Overwhelm

Lately, I have not been as active on Hive. It doesn't feel like burnout. I still want to post. However, the spark isn't there to put up a post. I think part of it is overwhelm from having this big list of things to do and limited capacity to

Announcing the Texas Hive Community

"Write what you know." This is often the advice given to aspiring writers. This advice helps the writer choose what to write about with the least amount of friction. It also helps to be more certain and authoritative about the writing

Regaining Writing Focus

Earlier today, I worked on setting up individual websites for my Hive accounts. It was quite the undertaking. One of the challenges of using Hive platforms is that they aggregate the posts of thousands of people. It is difficult to stand out

Vampiro Ramiro - Club Night

The music thumped while Ramiro scanned the club for somebody without a dance partner. It was difficult to see through the haze from the fog machines and the flashing from the lights. A swig of beer. He spotted Alicia bobbing up and down to t

5 Minute Freewrite: Rate


5-Minute Freewrite: Quota

He looked at his crew who were slogging along like in a daze. Ever since cor

5 Minute Freewrite: Comic

2019-05-01 Freewrite: Comic Last night I

Steem Introduction

Hi, everybody. This is my first post as Travel.Write.Money on Steem. This is an additional account that will hold some of the work I do for a "web property". I am currently blogging at Blogspot. However, I can't say that it has been a sa