Dash is Definitely My Preferred Payment Crypto

Yesterday, I thought I would experiment with buying more Hive Power through Blocktrades using Litecoin. Litecoin is faster than ETH, in my experience. After sending LTC, Blocktrades recognized the transfer within two minutes. However, it took a while before the purchase completed. I suppose it was waiting for confirmations.

Today, I purchased Hive Power through Blocktrades using Dash. The transaction finalized much faster. I could't tell you if this was because Dash was faster or because Blocktrades can process Dash transactions faster. Either way, I'll be using Dash more.

I have been buying Dash through Coinbase because I am able to immediately spend it before the money is deducted from my checking account. I thought I would give Uphold a try. However, I would need to wait three days for the ACH transfer to clear before I could spend Dash. That's no good.

Currently, Dash is one of the highest interest paying deposits over at Celsius.network, which also offers loans against crypto deposits. I think I will take up the offer. I have been simplifying my crypto diversification. I had been spread out too much with position in different alt coins. The problem this causes is that I end up with small positions in all of them. I think Dash will be a part of my core crypto portfolio just because of its spending utility.

Another reason why I am becoming a fan of Dash is that the community has made a great effort to attract merchants, point of sale manufacturers, and new users. Dash has been taking off in Latin America. This does little for me in Texas. However, we do plan on traveling in Latin America eventually. In the meantime, there is Discover Dash ( https://discoverdash.com ), which lists places where you can shop with Dash. There are plenty of places where you can't spend Dash, mind you. Unlike Visa and Mastercard. However, the fact that the Dash community is working out ways to make it easy to use Dash is what is most encouraging. There are no known merchants that will accept Dash near me. However, I would likely spend Dash on Travala or CheapAir.

I'm going to stop writing. I started fantasizing and shopping for flights and hotels.

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