I Am Still Long On Hive

Seeing the price of Hive take a beating can be a bit sad when seen in some perspectives. On my part, I have not been posting as much because of time constraints. The consequence of this is that I am not earning as much Hive or LEO as I could.

I have also taken a pause on buying more Hive because I'm diverting cash to reach a BTC goal. Once I reach the goal, I can diversify my biweekly crypto buys, which would include Hive. I recognize that Hive is at bargain prices. However, I also recognize that Hive has not had a strong growth record.

I am a bit relaxed towards my participation on Hive because of my long-term commitment to Hive. I expect Hive to be around a long time. This means that time is on my side in terms of building up my stake of Hive and the second layer tokens. Therefore, I don't have too much urgency to build up my stake at the moment. This may change in the coming months as the focus of my investments shifts.

My outlook for Hive is that it will continue to provide value as a platform for sharing my ideas and creative work. I think the network is solid and worth building up a stake. However, other cryptos are in a growth phase at the moment, so my money is going to those. As the market cools off next year, I will return to increase my stake in Hive.

I recently achieved Dolphin level on another account, an alt account. I have alt accounts with a different focus. I would not mind if they were all Dolphin level accounts or higher. As many of you know, even one account reaching Orca is a considerable investment. To my mind, my participation on Hive is less a financial concern as it is safeguarding my creative work. I'm willing to pay into the Hive system in much the way I would pay for blog hosting at GoDaddy or WordPress.

There are other benefits to having a blog on Hive, beyond hosting. There is a somewhat built-in audience that is difficult to grow on a standalone blog. I'd have to go around commenting on other blogs, posting links on other social media, and even buying ads to drive traffic to my site. Hive saves me a great deal of that cost. Let's say I budgeted $100/mo for ads to drive traffic to my blog. Instead of spending that much on ads, I could just increase my Hive stake. This would be more rewarding for me and for my audience. When you put spend into Hive, it doesn't dwindle down to zero like an ad budget. Rather, if you put $100 into Hive, it will continue to provide $100 of value each and every day. In fact, it will even grow in value. There are all levels of win baked into Hive.

What I want to stress is that I have confidence in the longevity and the value of Hive in the long term. It is for this reason that I don't consistently push too hard to post or increase my stake. I know that small contributions over the years will add up to something big .