I Just Learned About Hive Engine Delegation

While poking around Hive Engine, I noticed one of the functions in the Wallet is the ability to delegate tokens like LEO. I was actually considering unstaking from my main account and then transferring over to this account to aggregate my LEO.

At one point after joining Hive, I came to recognize that I ought to have specialized accounts for specific subject matters. Hence, this account is about travel, writing, and money. This way, I can break up my interests to specific audiences. My main account is just indiscriminate curation about whatever I like. It's also a personal blog. This account, on the other hand, splits its time between Leo Finance and Travel Feed.

Before starting TravelWriteMoney, I had already accumulated some LEO and other tokens that are mare appropriate for this account. But, they were already staked. Thus, it would have taken a few days to unstake and transfer. However, delegation will work just as well.

Similarly, I am powering up this account with Hive from lease income on my main account. Once this account reaches minnow, I will likely stop subsidizing from the main account. Except LEO delegation. It is better use of LEO to delegate it to this account.

TravelFeed.io doesn't have a token, as far as I can tell. Otherwise, that would be delegated too.

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