Keto Journal 2021-08-24

I posted yesterday about the salad in the Featured Image. It was partially a test of how easy it is to post to my @Engrave blog from my phone. It is manageable. However, I now realize that I was wrong about not reusing images. My normal "Keto Journal" graphic would have to be uploaded repeatedly rather than reused in order for it to show up as featured.

I have adjusted by redesigning the graphic so that it is, at the very least, different from what it normally looks like. I may have to start being slower and more deliberate with my posts, taking time to put together graphics.

Thinking about it more, I don't need a fancy graphic. Just text in a PNG would do the trick. This also doesn't require a great deal of work. I could easily work that into my work flow.

Let's talk about yesterday.

Weigh in: 186.2 pounds


  • coffee with cream and MCT oil


  • the grilled chicken salad from yesterday's post.
  • no sugar mandarin orange drink


  • chicken breast with asparagus. It was a bit too lean. It didn't have much fat on it.
  • some blueberries
  • tea with cream
  • keto cookie

I do need to add more water to my day. I have not been drinking enough.