Regaining Writing Focus

Earlier today, I worked on setting up individual websites for my Hive accounts. It was quite the undertaking. One of the challenges of using Hive platforms is that they aggregate the posts of thousands of people. It is difficult to stand out. it is tough to choose from which website to share a link. It is difficult to maintain focus on your niche. It became clear to me that I was wandering around without aim when it came time to sit down and write a post. This actually makes it more challenging to come up with a topic.

When I first started on Hive, I started with a personal account. This is great in a social media sense. I actually came to Hive because other social media platforms had some glaring problems I could not ignore. That's another story. The trouble with a personal blog is that it can be about anything. Therefore, it is naturally about nothing, like one long Seinfeld episode. So, I eventually made more niche accounts like this one. This account is all about travel, writing, and money. I have another account about local news. And another account for my profession.

Without a dedicated website to keep all my posts packaged together, it was challenging to come up with topics. Actually, I'd log into and spend time browsing and curating other posts rather than thinking about what to write. Before you know it, it's bedtime. When I had dedicated blogs, it wasn't as difficult to write.

As I was working on importing my posts to the website, I came to realized that Travel Write Money has been rather lopsided. Understandably, travel is severely curtailed during this COVID pandemic. However, most of my posts have been about Money-related topics over on Leo Finance. I have not spent time on developing my writing craft. The blog category for writing is a bit sparse.

Now that I have a dedicated writing environment, I believe I can achieve more focus. I won't sit down to write and then spend two hours upvoting posts. Another feature I appreciate is the ability to start drafts and then come back to them later. Peakd offers the ability to save drafts as well. I just can't seem to make it work for me when managing different accounts. Hopefully having dedicated websites will help my workflow. Some of my best writing happens after several attempts. By that same token, the local news website won't showcase my best writing. That stuff just needs to be pounded out and published. Ironically, this blog post is extemporaneous train of thought. I'm so bad.

I'll revisit the subject of writing focus in September. Let's see what difference it makes to have a real blog.