Today is Pay Day

Today is Pay Day. It all starts by checking to be sure that my direct deposit has posted. Then, we head over to our budget spreadsheet. We make transfer to buffer checking accounts. Make credit card payments. And, then make a big transfer to for spending on the MCO Visa debit card.

A buffer checking account contains rent money and a little extra. Nothing else is connected to draw from that account. This way it is certain that we will have money to pay the rent. Soon, that will be converted to note payments when we buy the house.

The credit cards are on pay down. Most of my excess cash is going to zero out the credit cards. Some have "keep alive" transactions to prevent the cards from being closed for lack of activity. Once we have paid off all old debt, the cards will be set to auto pay. Still, for budgeting, it is important to know exactly what will come out on what day.

The MCO Visa card does a majority of spending. It currently earns 3% cash back on all purchases. We pay utilities, memberships including Netflix and Spotify (both are reimbursed), dining out, fuel for the cars, and any other spending. Transferring to the card usually includes a little extra to help smooth over unexpected expenses.

As usual. My money is typically spent before I even get to work. Every dollar has a job to do. Pay day mornings are where we and the money rally together for instructions on where to go.

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