What-Iffing Retirement and Hive

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There's no telling where Hive will be in fifteen years. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency, having started in 2009. In that time, it has forked more than once. STEEM started out great. Four years later, fork. Here we are almost five months in with Hive. Fifteen years is a long time, especially in the crypto world. There is a sense of certainty that crypto is here to stay. However, nobody knows what the crypto landscape will be in 5, 10, or 15 years.

In the current form, Hive has the potential to be around in 15 years. However, there is always the risk that some Hard Fork will be implemented that destroys the value proposition that Hive offers. At that point, people fork out of Hive and into a new blockchain, or people jump ship to other projects.

What if Hive manages to make it to 15 years, which just happens to be when I plan to retire, without another fork?

Where will @TravelWriteMoney be in that time? Will I still be posting? Will I be a Whale? Will I have a large audience?

What if I take a pension lump sum of 1 year salary and dump it into Hive? Would I be able to generate enough Hive income to live modestly abroad? The lump sum would still leave monthly payments from the pension, although at a reduced rate. Mrs. TWM also has her own pension. Hive could be a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) to increase our fixed income over time.

What if Hive forks again? Would it still be possible to cash out of one and double the stake in the other?

The long-term vision I have for this account is to write about our financial evolution as we near retirement and begin to travel. We would begin spending less time on Leo Finance and more time on Travel Feed.

That also brings up other questions. What if Leo Finance explodes between now and 15 years? Will Hive even be an issue then? What will become of SPI?

What if Hive suddenly becomes an "overnight" success in another 5 years and we start to witness the vision we all have for the platform? Will we see Big Money buy big chunks of Hive to become instant Whales? So far Hive has not had the attention of institutional money. Imagine if a large company plunks down half a million dollars for an advertising campaign on Hive. It makes more sense because they could use and reuse their Hive Power indefinitely to run contests and sponsor content creators. Think about the marketing power of giving out big juicy votes to content creators who promote the brand.

What if we finally figure out a use for HBD?

Seriously, can we rely on Hive to be around in 15 years? Can we make long-term plans with Hive?

I think part of the answer is in how much ownership we take of the platform. I mean that figuratively and literally. We can take ownership by accepting the responsibility to actively promote Hive to the public.

Hive isn't a platform provided to us. Hive is us. We can no longer point the finger at Steemit, Inc. for the blockchain not getting anywhere.

We can take literal ownership by powering up as much Hive as we can afford without putting ourselves in financial risk. We all own Hive. What if we all acted like owners and not like employees who just want to take home a paycheck?

Whether you own 100 HP, 1000 HP, or 10,000 HP, this is capital. This is an investment. This is almost like a business. There are many ways we can increase the value of our investment. Our investment is not just our personal account, it is the whole of Hive.

I couldn't what-if like this on STEEM. It just didn't inspire me. @joetunex recently commented about Hive having a sense of responsibility. I have to say I agree. Hive seems to have a spirit that makes me feel comfortable that it will be here in 15 years and continue to play a role in my life. I can plan and what-if with my calculator.

It may sound silly. The last time I had this type of optimism was after the fall of the Berlin Wall. We had a sense that the world had changed. Wind of Change by The Scorpions was on the radio everywhere. There was new hope for the future. Even with COVID and the inevitable collapse of the global financial systems, Hive is an island of hope where we can escape and bury our treasure. It has actually been a blessing the the price has been lingering so low this long. It allows us opportunity to stock up on Hive before the masses come running in to empty the shelves to get them through the crisis.

What is crazy is that there is no precedent for this. There has never been a blockchain that has lasted for 15 years that rewards it users for content creation and curation. None of us knows what that looks like nor what problems such a system will face. There has never been a blockchain that lasts for generations and can be handed down to surviving family members or split up into smaller stakes for inheritance.

Achieving all that is an awesome responsibility. Do we have it in us to take Hive into the next decade or century?

Based on the feeling I get from my participation here, I do think we have a shot at it. So long as we foster good Hive citizenship and teach others about using Hive as an investment rather than just a paycheck, we have a chance of making it in the long term.

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