What Will Hive Be Like in 20 Years?

I often wonder what will become of Hive in 20 years. To put that question into context, Steemit was born in 2016. By 2020 Steemit forked and most of the community followed Hive. In blockchain, 20 years is a long time. After almost two years since I joined, I feel like an old veteran. Although I have not been so active during phases of doubt. I can only hope that Hive is the last incarnation of the Steem blockchain. If we go by Steem time, we have 16 more years to go to reach 20. If we go by Hive time, we have 19 years to go.


Let's assume that Hive is the last major fork for this community. What does 20 years of activity on Hive mean? Well, if I continue to power up $20 in Hive per week, that would add up to $20,800. Presumably, inflation will slow down and membership will rise. Hive could rise. There is no way of knowing where Hive prices will be in 20 years. Of course, my weekly contributions calculation does not include earnings in from posting, curation, delegation, and leasing over those 20 years. Potentially, many Hive accounts would be huge.

Keep in mind that every year that Hive survives, the chance of it surviving even longer goes up. The longer Hive lives, the larger our stake gets in its continued survival. Take the actions of the Steem Witnesses as an example. They did what they thought was necessary to protect the community, and their own considerable stakes, from harm. Ultimately, it led to Hive. Well, in 20 years, there will be many more of us with large stakes with a vested interest in keeping Hive running. And we'll likely contribute to keep things running as well.

Think about what 20 years means to you as a content creator.

20 Years is more than enough time to find your niche and develop a core audience.

20 Years is a lot of time to devote to creating thousands of posts, comments, and upvotes. Thousands of hours of work.

20 years for civil servants is a full career. Police, firefighters, and other public servants can retire after 20 years on the job. If you put in a good effort, could you retire from Hive? I bet most of us would continue to post long after retirement.

20 Years is plenty of time to develop a new expertise in something, which you can share with your audience.

20 years is plenty of time to establish a network of fellow Hivers with whom you can collaborate or have meetups. Or, you can establish a network of people who will help you create content via expertise, interviews, or even guest writing.

Or, let's say that your channel grows stale and you decide to go in another direction. Your old account has startup capital to launch your new channel with a healthy delegation or transfer. You may be a completely new brand in 20 years. And, you did not have to start from zero again.

Time and an appreciating asset like Hive can provide so many opportunities. It is difficult to see when you are starting out because you can work hard for weeks and not earn very much. In 20 years, however, Hive rewards can be meaningful.

What if you got sponsors? If you use sponsor money to power up your account, it would reward you indefinitely. How many sponsors could you get in 20 years?

How many people could you mentor and help grow on Hive in 20 years?

It is inevitable that Hive will have a large number of Whales, Orcas, and Dolphins simply because of the momentum that large accounts have. Coupled with diminishing inflation and a rise in new users, Hive will have more scarcity than it currently has. Thus, Hive prices will have to rise. These things are mathematical. You can play the calculator game all day on such scenarios.

However, there is no telling what our lives will be like in 20 years thanks to Hive. You may have changed niches or manage several. You may have given up and cashed out. You might have built your Hive into an empire. Perhaps your Hive account becomes a full-time job with assistants. Maybe you pass the business on to your children. Or, perhaps you donate the account to an orphanage. The math part can be calculated. But, there is no limit to the number of things all of us might do with our Hive accounts in the years to come.

It is the personal growth and the imagination that I am increasingly excited about as a writer on Hive. Some of you might become my friends. Some of you might be business partners. Perhaps a mentor or a mentee? The beauty of all this is that we are rewarded for exploring who we are going to become in the next year, five years, ten years, or even 20 years. We can explore and grow together, creatively and financially.

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